Anonymous asked:
Is it really dry out there ! ?

In a sort of way it is.

Anonymous asked:
Gold doraemons. Or yellow idk why the guy said gold as they looked just yellow. Do you know the mgs?

Around 70mg or so. Theyre noticably fatter than the last batches of doraemin presses.

Anonymous asked:
Any way to get rid of anxiety attacks after rolling hard a couple night before? Would you suggest 5htp by itself or rave aid?

Ehh. Ive tried both and neither work. I used to get mad anxiety after rolling, to the point where I had small panic attacks. The only thing that helped me out was a long break from drugs. Now I can roll withought having to suffer withought the anxiety.

Anonymous asked:
How long should you wait between rolls?

Atleast 2 months.




i like this story because a cop was shot but nobody will get in trouble for shooting the cop and some children got to calmly play with a dog


Anonymous asked:
How much does a boat of doraemons go for ?

Ehh idk. Anyone know what a boat filled uo with doraemons is worth?

Anonymous asked:
I wonder do you know location search for buy a pill? In Virginia? Just I curiously

Lol what?

Anonymous asked:
You still have M80's???? I need some back in my life.

Yup I saved a few fir a rainy day.

Anonymous asked:
So has socal come to another drought period ?

Somewhat. Its not as widespread as it was before, but if you look for rolld youll fund em.