Anonymous asked:
Same anon who only rolled for five minutes, and no I don't take anti deep presents or meds, but I do struggle with depression... That could be part of it but a lot of my friends who roll have depression and they roll fine.

That could be it. It sounds to me like your body just doesn’t produce enough serotonin. Some drugs just aren’t cut out for everyone.

Anonymous asked:
How do I roll at hard summer? I like my rolls to start slow and I heard security is strict, and I'm wondering if its even possible to sneak anything in? and I don't want to have a come down mid festival. Help pwease

The added security at hardsummer is a joke. Its all just a scare tactic, the dogs at the front never alert to anything. If you hide it well enough you’ll walk right in. The only way for that not to happen is to start your roll mid festival. Don’t start early and you’ll be good..

Anonymous asked:
Have you noticed that there are two different sizes of dominos going around What's the difference?

So are the buggattis, and barclays, they’re smaller then the usual nintendo crew presses. Im not sure if they’re doing it to preserve binder. But recent lab results of the newest nintendos have tested under 200mg.

wwwwwwhat asked:
Hookup for MDMA around Nashville tn?


Anonymous asked:
any idea how many mgs yellow eagles have? are they really 200?

Yea, 200-220mg

Anonymous asked:
So I have always had issues rolling, at first I didn't know if I was just getting bunk pills or what, but at day of the dead last year I finally actually rolled, but only for five minutes and I know they were good pills and I had been putting molly under my younger too. And that was only like the fourth time I tried to roll. But I got dominos for hard summer this year and was wondering how much I should take to start out with.. I want to roll but I don't want to be rolling wayyy too hard.

Do you take anti depressants? Or any type of medication? It weird that you only rolled for 5 mins, maybe your body just doesnt produce as much serotonin as it should.

salmrrager asked:
purple triangles turned out very good (:

Been hearing that allot.