Anonymous asked:
Noob question but what determines a pill color? Just like regular food coloring added or wutt?

Ive heard of people using dye’s, colored powders, and a bunch of other techniques

Anonymous asked:
Red YouTube , are they from domino presser or other? Thx for all your help and info too.

Im not sure what crew theyre coming from but theyre def not domino/superman crew stuff.

whosmagicc asked:
Any MDMA thats around 80-110g and can be found in NY?

I heard about some yellow pac mans coming out of Canada that made their way around the east coast. Even tho their only around 60-70mg, still beats the shit pipe-bomb molly that everyone eats down there.

Anonymous asked:
Does anything from holland surface in UK I'm headin to festival in the UK and curious what to look for ?

It does. You should be able to find dominos, buggatis, nintendos, gold bars, barclays, etcc

Anonymous asked:
well I took one of those blue twitters and it was really strong with mild visuals.. I was rolling pretty hard for about 6 hours and had visuals for about 12 hours and felt like shit the next day lol Incase anyone else asks !

Sounds to me like a pipe bomb.

coffee-and-ecstasy asked:
What are your thoughts regarding the safety of mailing substances via USPS?

No comment.

wealllovem asked:
You know anything about green bentleys? Europe

If they’re anything like the white ones and blue ones then they’re 140-120 mg of mdma

Anonymous asked:
blue twitters in so cal? breakline on the back with a little R stamped on it

No info on those.

Anonymous asked:
Hey how are the green mtv's out in LA?


Anonymous asked:
glad it wasn't just mine lol still safe to take the doraemons now or toss them?

I would say theyre fine. I have some skull candies from 2011 that are getting the same way.

Anonymous asked:
what's the info on the new dominoes?

Same dose as the older batch 180-220mg.

ravezandeatsout asked:
Thanks for the blog and harm reduction info tesk! 🙌

No thanks needed. If we don’t look out for each other who will?

Anonymous asked:
Do you find anything good around norcal or the bay area?

Idk im from so cal, but stuff from around here eventually makes its way around.

Anonymous asked:
Blue bugattis exist?

Yea so do red ones